American Education progressives Finally Fight Back.

American progressives finally fought back against the rising Tea Party style attacks on public education with a major demonstration and teach-in in Washington DC over the past weekend. Major heavy hitters like Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling Hammond and Jonathan Kozal were accompanied by liberal celebs like Matt Damon. A speech by Darling Hammond spoke to me. Here it is accompanied by scenes from the fight-back. 



And Diane Ravitch on U Tube at the Save Our Schools Rally.


Can the Ontario Tories be Stopped Part 2

Well the latest Forum Poll is out and some shifting has occurred..Full Story


Valley Park Middle School and Prayer in Schools

I don¨t think anyone would be surprised that this report would oppose prayer in school of any kind. The TDSB really must end the prayer services at VPMS ASAP... Full Story


Voucher Schools Do Not Achieve Higher Academic Results

Well, the results are in and voucher schools, where public school students receive a voucher to attend private schools add nothing to academic achievement... Full Story


Canadian Teachers Beware: The War on Teachers Rages on in the USA

As the American economy continues to flounder the search for scapegoats continues unabated. Vouchers and charters are beginning to crash and burn due to their inability to produce middle class results with poor children... Full Story


Rhee First, LOL

Michelle Rhee was the former Chancellor of Washington DC schools who presided over a witch hunt against union teachers, tried to kill seniority clauses in teacher¨s contracts.. Full Story                                                                                                                   

Doug Little on Early Childhood Politics, The Agenda With Steve Paikin

See video at: 


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